Project Goal

The project activities will be realized though interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists and physicians from Montenegro and Italy with the goal to study the use of new methods for stratification of patients with colorectal adenocarcinoma and Alzheimer’s disease according to the risk for progression of these diseases. This will improve algorithms used for assignment of appropriate therapeutic modalities. The outcomes of this project may also improve quality of life, survival rate and decrease complications caused by these diseases. Multidisciplinary approach and methods are described below.

Approach 1

Studying expression profile of selected circulating micro-RNAs in patients with colorectal carcinoma and Alzheimer’s disease by using RT-qPCR.

qPCR Amplification Curve

Approach 2

Evaluation of samples for the presence of kRAS mutation in patients with colorectal carcinoma.

Miscroscopic view of tumor

Approach 3

Evaluation of correlation between the level of mitochondrial damage associated molecular patterns (DAMPS) in plasma and the onset of the systemic inflammatory response (SIRS) and multi organ dysfunction (MODS) in case of infectious complications.

Mitochondrion (Image: Mariana Ruiz Villarreal LadyofHats)

Approach 4

Analysis of specific changes in the spatial geometry of the microvascular network in patients with colorectal carcinoma and those with Alzheimer’s disease by using information technology tools.

Retinal fundus