Collaboration with ULMA Embedded Solutions

The Cooperation agreement between the Faculty of medicine, University of Montenegro, and the company “ULMA Embedded Solutions” was signed in the context of DEMONSTRATE project with the aim of encouraging and supporting research, scientific and educational activities. “ULMA Embedded Solutions” is a company from Spain founded in 2009 in the ULMA Group business incubator with intentions to offer specialized services beyond electronic systems functional prototyping. They provide specialized engineering services along the whole electronic product lifecycle, from the concept to manufacturing and maintenance, including design, development and test phases. Namely, of the interest for DEMONSTRATE project, the company is working on various projects in health domain. One especially interesting project that DEMONSTRATE team already collaborated on is H2020 RETINAL that focuses on non-invasive and cost-effective tools for early detection of eye-related diseases using digital images of retina.

RETINAL – Prevention and Early Detection of Eye-related Diseases