Visiting Lecture by Stela Vujosevic, MD, PhD

On December 20th, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro was honored to host two invited lectures by Dr. Stela Vujošević, the expert adviser on the project DEMONSTRATE, from the Medical Center for Retina Diseases at the University Hospital “Maggiore della Caritá” in Novara, Italy.

Stela Vujo[ević (Image: UCG)

The lectures were titled:

  1. Recent developments in the treatment of degenerative and vascular maculopathies
  2. Application of non-invasive “imaging” biomarkers in the treatment of diabetic macular edema: the concept of precision medicine

This visit was organised by the Faculty of Medicine Vice Dean for Science and funded by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro, through the program of Guest Lecturers. The purpose of this program is to engage prominent scientists, university professors or entrepreneurs from the world to deliver intensive courses for students and / or scientific and academic staff at universities in our country, in the areas that are identified as a priority for the Smart Specialization Strategy.

Successful HORIZON 2020 Grant Application

The networking and collaboration established though the DEMONSTRATE project resulted in achieving a milestone in the area of sustainability and increasing the visibility of Montenegrin institutions in the field of medical research in the world.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro and the Clinical Center of Montenegro won the HORIZON 2020 grant as partner institutions on the project titled Unravelling the common pathways and identifying patients at risk for dementia – RECOGNISED. This is a multinational project involving 21 research institutions and teaching hospitals from Europe that are leaders in the field of research related to Alzheimer’s dementia and diabetes. The coordinating organization is Fundacio Hospital Universitari Vall D’Hebron/ Institut de Recerca (VHIR).

The goal of this project is to evaluate patients with diabetes type 2 who are at increased risk developing dementia based on microvascular or neurodegenerative changes we observe on the retina. This 4-year project will start on January 1st 2020. More information on the project is available at the following link.

(image: EC Horizion 2020)